Services in the field of biocides:

  • Consultations about the requirements for placing on market biocides.
  • Assistance in organizing the tests for biological efficacy of the biocides – microbiological tests, tests for efficacy of insecticides and rodenticides.
  • Authorization of biocides – development of a technical dossier of a biocides according to the requirements of the Bulgarian ordinance for the conditions and form of placing on market biocides.
  • Authorization of biocides through R4BP 3- Register for Biocidal Products- creation of company accounts, preparation of SPC, submission of applications in accordance with the regulations;
  • Assistance through the procedure for authorization of biocides – the company takes up completely the correspondence with the competent body.
  • Assistance with registration of biocides in other countries, members of the EU.
  • Marketing research and providing adequate advertisement of biocides.
  • Assistance in providing the distribution of biocides.